Repairs & Product Care

Occasionally,  a piece may break whether our fault or an accident caused by you...this sometimes happens. We will  repair any damages due to our oversight, for free.  We will certainly work with you on all repairs and when possible there will be no charge depending on the age and wear & tear  of the item.  Due to the fact that each piece is handmade and one of a kind, the exact materials may no longer be available but we will do our best to repair or replace to original design.
Each piece is handmade with materials that are delicate.  All vintage pieces and especially items that are crafted with leather should be handled with care.  Leather is strong and durable but should not get wet. Body lotions, perfume and sprays of any kind may deteriorate the leather or other stringing materials.  Vintage jewelry components are made from metals that are sometimes unknown and should not be in contact with lotions,  perfumes or other sprays.  DO NOT clean the jewelry with jewelry cleaners. Use only a clean , damp cloth when necessary.